HELP moving music flows and text flows together

I have a book of about 20 songs, each with one verse of lyrics, and the remaining verses in a text flow below. Each song with lyrics takes up only one page. I want to rearrange the song. I naively thought that moving the flows in the setup would move everything, so I didn’t worry about the order when I was entering the music. But it doesn’t, and all the verses are with the wrong songs. Everything is messed up, so two questions:

  1. Is there a way to move pages, each with different flows. Or is there a better way to structure the book so that reordering can be done with a reasonable amount of effort?

  2. Now that I’m facing a mess, how do I move lyrics to the right place (might be answered by 1, but I don’t know)



I’m afraid there’s no such thing as a “text flow”, only a “text frame”. Text frames are tied to a specific page so regardless of what happens to surrounding flows, text frames stay in the same place.

  1. Not really. It’s worth investigating the options available to you when you right-click on each page number in the right panel of Engrave mode.

  2. Get your flows in the correct order. Then to move a text frame from page 2 to page 6, for example, you’d need to do the following:
    Go to Engrave mode.
    Turn on the Frames toggle in the top left corner.
    Select the text frame on page 2.
    Right click page 6 in the right panel (pages list at the top of the panel).
    Click “Copy Selected Frames to Selected Pages”.
    You should find that your verses now appear on page 6, and you’re safe to delete the frame from page 2.
    Rinse and repeat.

You should be able to use the “Swap Pages” command in Engrave Mode. If each of your songs takes up one page, it would be easier to follow what’s going on. Swap two flows in Setup Mode and swap the corresponding pages in Engrave Mode. Carry on until you like the order.