Help! mp3 mediabay tagging problems..

can anyone tell me why is it that some mp3 files can’t be rated in mediabay and others can???

these mp3’s are all in the same folder, some of them can’t be rated i.e. give a file the 5 star treatment then select the next file & bam, the stars have all gone from the previous file…

this is doing my head in a bit so if anyone can drop some knowledge it’d be much appreciated…


Repro’d here in Cubase 5.

I was able to properly rate the files if I went to itunes, right-clicked on the file and converted the ID3 tag to another ID3 version. It seemed to make no difference which version it was or which it was converted to.

Voila, that’s all I got.


great…well at least it’s not just me i suppose :frowning:

still cheers anyway steve, nice one…