Help, MT PowerDrumKit not working on Cubase Pro 8

I’ve been using the MT PowerDrums for a few months now and so far they have been great and very easy to use. However I have encountered a problem within the software. I don’t know whether I’ve clicked a button or what but for some reason Cubase will not longer recognise the note value for any beat. This isn’t just occurring in PowerDrums, It’s also happening on HAlion Sonic and other software. I was formerly able to choose the size of the grid via “Quantize Presets” (1/16, 1/32 etc). However it’s now just locked to “Grid”. And I can’t change the note value or how many notes are in a bar. I can still change the “Length Quantize” however. I don’t know whether this makes sense or not. But if so, what can I do to restore my note values and actually have the freedom to choose the “Quantize Presets” column instead of it just being “Grid”? I’m unable to add in programmed drums into any song, all I can do is record via my audio interface. Anyone got a solution or something that might help?