Help! My C sounds B flat!


forgive me if this has been answered before, I can’t seem to find anything on this topic. I haven’t noticed the behavior I’m about to describe before, mainly because I have had a long break from writing or arranging music.

Anyways, I run Dorico Pro 3 on Mac OS Catalina. Every time I open up a new project, and it doesn’t matter what I write and with which instrument, the pitch is a whole note off. Meaning I add a piano player to my new and blank flow, I write a C, I am hearing a Bb. The same happens if I use the mouse pointer to press the middle C in HALion Sonic. To be clear, the whole range is a whole tone flat. Setting is concert pitch (although this shouldn’t matter for piano). I have never changed any setting to transpose everything I do a whole tone down… And I am totally clueless.

Anyone experience the same, and is there a solution? I assume I am being ridiculously stupid, so please point me to my mistake.

I’d like to add, the same happens when I open older projects, although the transposition in one case was a half step down so C sounded like B.


The usual suspect is that the audio sample rates are not aligned: e.g. something is expecting 44.1 KHz and getting 44 or 48. (Or is it the other way round…?)
Check Apple’s Audio MIDI, and also Dorico’s Device Setup under the Edit menu.

Ben, that normally results in a semi tone up rather than a whole tone down. It’s worth double checking, I guess.

How are you entering the notes. Some MIDI keyboards have a transpose function. If you have accidentally activated it and moved the slider (again accidentally, as I once did) you may be sending the wrong MIDI number to Dorico from your MIDI keyboard.

It’s a long shot, but if nothing else seems to be working…


Nice one! Dorico’s setup was 48kHz whereas system setup was 44.1kHz. That was messing things up.

Thanks for your help!!