HELP! My Cubase 6 Crashes with Elastik 2 & Trilian

Hello all,

I am new here in forum but have been using Cubase for over 15 years.
I just upgraded to Cubase 6 and bought my new Mac Pro. I was happy until …I start using the VST instruments with Cubase 6. (tried both 32bit and 64bit,Mac)

I have a very good Mac Pro with 32GB Ram. But I found out I am having serious & terrible CRASH (lack of memory?) with Ueberschall Elastik 2 player and also Spectrasonic Trilian.

It seems working fine with all my East West PLAY and NI Kontakt 4 sound samples (easily loaded 20-30 tracks)…but once until I try to load TRILIAN, a message appears saying " sample memory is not available (0.00gb). Before loading again, use Lite versions of Patches, or decrease pre-load memory size on System windows, or clear un-used parts." I tried this when even only had 4-5 instruments tracks OPENED in C6.

When come to Ueberschall Elastik 2, Unexpectedly QUIT always happen WHEN: 1) I selected Elastik 2 from my track. (when it starts to load the player, it crashes and C6 QUIT) 2) If it happens that I successfully loaded the Elastik 2 Player, after I’ve loaded a sample sound and start playing on keyboard (play or record), it crashes and C6 QUIT)

Anyone can help me please ?!
I mainly use this for film scoring composing and I thought (what I have heard) that I can easily load 40 or 60 even hundreds of VST tracks for project with “C6 + a good computer + enough Ram” BUT… now I am so confused and frustrated, I can’t work at all now. Anyone can help me please? Thanks.