Help My cubase keeps crashing !!!

Hi there

Cubase keeps crashing on my Computer for no reason, it crashed once (and for the first time) during a session i had after an hour. Then it started crashing after 5 mins whenever i open it!

How can i fix this ?

Hi and welcome,

Make sure your plug-ins are up to date. If any of the plug-ins is using iLok, make sure the iLok driver and software are up to date, please.

If it’s still crashing, attach the latest crash dump file, please.

Im only using Helion and Groove Agent

How to update them?

Where to find the Dump files?

ive been to Documents/Steinberg but no Crash Folder there


if you are on Windows, the dmp files are locked in the folder you mentioned. If there is no CrashDumps folder a dmp file has not been created.

Use Microsoft ProcDump utility to generate a dmp file, please.

Thanks for the reply Martin

i tried using Procdump but im not a programmer really, so here is what i did :

1.Download Procdum, extract the contents to a new folder. CMD as admin, and type the command : cd <path_to_folder> (the folder i extracted the procdump in)
3.Then type : procdump -e -ma -w Cubase LE AI Elements 10.exe and hit enter while the program is running

i think from here onwards is where i get lost ,and the program crashes but the folder is empty

attached is a screen shot for it



I’m sorry, In not Windows guy, I have never ever used ProcDump. I just know other users here on the forum have used it successfully.

I wouldn’t expect the dmp file would be in the Steinberg folder from the ProcDump. Either the folder where is the ProcDump placed or some system folder or you can define the folder by a parameter in the CMD.

By default the dmp file is in the same directory as procdump.exe


Thanks for the help, i really dont know what to do … i paid for Cubase and still not able to use it. Anyway i hope the DMP file im attaching in this link is gonna help solve the problem…

DMP file Link :


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any feedback guys?



Sorry for my delay.

I have seen this crash few times already. It is already reported to Steinberg. Unfortunately I don’t know, if there is any workaround to avoid this crash, I’m sorry.