Help! - Need to export consolidated tracks to send to mixing engineer

Hi there,

I’ve been using cubase since v5. I am running Cubase Elements 9 on my fully spec’d 2018 MBP and 2017 iMac.

I recently recorded my band via a Roland OctaCapture at our home-made, sound treated studio. Everything was captured really well, and I am now ready for mixing. I have reached out to a mixing engineer who has asked for consolidated files at the highest possible quality. I’ve found a bunch of tutorials online, but i get to a step in the mixdown section, and I simply don’t have the options on the screen. Specifically “Channel Batch Export”. Why would this be so?


It’s so because Elements doesn’t have that feature.
I think there is a cheat using freeze files if you do some searching.

I assume that all your tracks are audio tracks? If you don’t have channel batch export in cubase elements, than you’ll have to do it like this:

  1. Bounce all the tracks, so they have same exact starting point (for example, all tracks/files start at bar 1). You do this by selecting range with range selector tool for all your tracks in a project and than use bounce selection in audio menu. Make sure, that snap to grid is selected, so your selected range will be snapped to bar.
  2. Now use backup project command in file menu, create new folder on your disk, tick “remove unused files” and “freeze edits” and back up your project to a new folder.
  3. Now find this folder on a disk, go into sub-folder “Audio” and there you will find all the bounced audio files with the same starting point. Pack those into zip file en send them to mixing engineer.

Also make sure, that all the tracks are properly named (do this before bouncing, since file names will gate track names). The worst thing for a mixing engineer are weirdly named tracks/files. :slight_smile: Also you have to be aware, that all those bounced tracks are pure clean recordings, without any vst effects (if you used any in your project). If you want your effects to be integrated into bounced files, than you’ll have to export one by one via export mixdown in your cubase elements, unfortunately. :confused:

Hope this helps

This is a huge help, thank you!!

Thanks for your reply.

So, I did some research. The batch export feature appears to only be available in Pro!? NOT in Artist or Elements. It seems like the logic on this is backwards. If I were a “Pro” i’d probably be mixing myself, so wouldn’t need this feature. Artist and Elements users would primarily be the ones recording their own stuff and handing it to a professional to mix it. This makes zero sense whatsoever.

According to your logic, the most expensive version of Cubase should lack some of the functions available to users of the (quite considerably) cheaper versions. Now that really does make zero sense.

I didn’t say it shouldn’t be in the pro version. I’m saying this is a basic feature that makes more sense to be used by ‘beginners’, bands or artists who record their stuff and want to send consolidated files to a professional mixing engineer.

So, what you’re saying is that me, as an absolute beginner, wanting to record my own band, I should buy the +$800 Pro version if i want to be able to export my consolidated files to pass on to a pro mixing engineer. Hope you can see my point.

The price is more like 580 US dollar for a full pro version including dongle.
You can upgrade and save some bucks, then it’s more like 500.
Not that expensive really when compared to instruments, outboard gear and microphones.

If you look at it that way, all the stuff in Pro should be in elements. You know, they need useful stuff in Pro to make us buy it, or else we’d all be on elements…

You as a beginner should read the manual, and you’ll find you don’ t need batch export for simply consolidating files, but “bounce selection” which should be available even in Elements 9.

Bouncing selection doesn’t make all the wavs the same length, or start at the same time. :frowning:
I just forked out for Pro. I really shouldn’t have to. This seems like a complete rort, considering the other DAW’s investigated have this as a standard feature.

This is really strange, did you follow unspokens advice for the bounce earlier in the thread?
Anyway, now that you own Pro I hope you’ll enjoy it! I know I do, and I’m by no means a pro:)

Also not really necessary, since you can embedd timecode references to the files.