Help needed Cubase 10.5 reactivation

Hi everyone. I have reinstalled Windows on my Pc. I have trouble activating my cubase 10.5 license. It is saying that the license can only be used once so i need to reactivate it contact support to get another license. Can an admin help?
PS: I didn’t register Cubase 10. 5 before reinstalling windows so there is no product in my steinberg account.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

If you are using Cubase Pro or Artist or other Cubase with the USB-eLicenset, you don’t have to activate or reactivate the licence at all. Just plug the USB-eLicenser in and you are ready to go.

Is this the case?

Unfortunately it is not the case. I don’t have the usb e. Licenser. I use cubase elements 10.5 (Thank for the reply i appreciate the help)

You need to go through this process then:

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Went through the process and there is no cubase 10. 5 inside the products columm (thanks for the help)

How can i register cubase 10.5 in my steinberg account? :confused:

Did you register the product with another email address in the past? That would explain why you can’t see it in your products. Were you the orginal owner of the software? Do you remember going through activation the first time?

No still the same Email.

Maybe I need to precise that i got the license in my email back in 2020 when i bought it and when i install cubase 10.5, i put the license on the elicenser.
Copy paste. The license activated it work.

Fast-forward to now. I needed to install Windows 10 on my Pc.

I actually thought that the license will always worked. However I didn t know that i need to register the elicenser to my steinberg account. So maybe that the reason it is not on my steinberg account product section.

I still have the document that proof that i bought the cubase license if needed

(Thanks for all the fast reply it is really help me)

I’m not sure in your case. You could try to contact your local Steinberg Support. My own support store in Australia gave me a new access code in the past but not totally certain for you:


If your old Soft-eLicenser number had not been registered, get in contact with your local Steinberg support. They should not perovide a new Download Access Code, but they should find your old one and register it to your old Soft-eLicenser. Then you will be able to Reactivate.

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Well the issue is I live in Madagascar and i bought online i don t have support near my region but i will try to contact a steinberg support
(Thank you guys fast reply amazing)

Closest one in your region would be this store:

Worth a try:
+27 11 792 8402

Strydom Park, Randburg
Commercial City, Cnr. Tungsten & Malibongwe Drive 9
2125 Johannesburg

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Thank you very much it worked.

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Was the Johannesburg store the right one for you or did you follow another process?

Yes Johannesburg. Again Thanks for the assistance shout to Mark at Tuerkmusic for the amazing help that he provided

Brilliant! Glad you got it sorted out.