Help needed for a noobie

Hi, I have seen a few videos on line where for example the mouse cursor is positioned on the edge of say the top of the lower zone and then by dragging can resize it. I have just entered the Cubase world with Artist 10.5, and when I try and position the cursor in the same spot, I simply cannot resize it. Why??? Please help, Thanks, Kilmainham.

Hi and welcome,

Not all zones are resizable. In which window, what zone do you mean exactly, please?

When I am in the main project window, lets say I have 4 tracks set up, with 4 bars and a loop that I have activated. Then I double click to open the lower zone so I can add some midi notes; if I then want to drag the top of the lower zone down, on the videos I have seen, this looks easy. But when I do the exact same thing, the cursor remains a firm arrow and wont let me resize.

In the Steinberg video below, see what he does at 2.59 mark - he will resize the top zone window with a simple drag motion - this is what does not work for me:

Hope you can open the link and I hope you can help, Thanks



Could you share a video, how does it look like on your side, please?

Yes, I will try and make a short video today and see if I can upload. Thanks for your help, Kilmainham

Martin, I cant understand what happened but tonight I loaded up Cubase to video the defect, and the cursor now works??? I have no idea what I was doing wrong after so many attempts, but it seems to be working again. Thanks anyway for listening. I appreciate it. If I have a repeat issue, I will video for sure and send it through. Thanks again, Kilmainham

you may have closed the cursor by pressing the hotkey without realizing it. glad that the problem is solved buddy