Help needed: how to install Spitfire BBS SO

My brother bought Spitfire BBC SO, readily installed on an external SSD, which cost him 250 quid on top. He gets stuck at the very first step: how to use the library, make it be recognised in his DAW (which is Cubase, but it would be the same procedure for Dorico, I guess).
Obviously one has to use the Spitfire Audio App, to log into ones account.
Then there seems to be only two options,

  1. download
  2. install
    What to do next?
  3. download? no, as he bought the SSD, with the ready to use library.
  4. install? no, as the library is already installed on the SSD.
    This is why he is stuck there and asked me for my help.
    Is there anyone who could solve this mystery for us?

as with all libraries, the BBC SO communicates with its host through a VST plug-in. If the setup Spitfire App to install this has been run then you (or your brother) should see it in the list of installed VST’s in Cubase or Dorico. Or look in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\ VST3 or Mac equivalent. If it’s not there, then it may be that the plug-in itself simply hasn’t been installed even if the library content is already present. If unsure of that, then the installation documentation from Spitfire is the first port of call.

Thank you dko22,
we finally managed by setting the Content Path correctly back to the SSD. We had to do some repairs and resets of the already begun redownloads. The spitfire helpdesk has a lot of wonderful help documentation, except we could not find this specific one… as it was supposed to work out of the box.

glad you’ve got there – I must admit that for me installing the BBC SO from download wasn’t totally plain sailing either. Could be because I initially downloaded it not to the location I wanted it to be as the download doesn’t ask you for a path but sets a default which you’re supposed to change BEFORE starting to download which means reading the docs very carefully… It sound like you may have done something a bit similar if you needed to change the path to the external drive!

Exactly, the installation path set itself to the default location on the HD. Once the (re)downloading starts und the user stops it in panic of expecting another couple of days for an unnecessary extra downloading process, it is too late. All the links seem to have been set and it is not that trivial to reset the whole thing (repair the links).
Anyway, we are happy sailors now, as we got it to work finally :sailboat:

From the Spitfire Helpdesk:

use the Repair feature in the Spitfire Audio App to ensure the plugin can find all the content that it needs.

indeed! I think Spitfire should prompt for the download location exactly like just about any other software installer I’ve ever come across. Anyway, it’s a fine library once you get the hang of it.