Help Needed: Recording Maschine Micro MK3 in Cubase via Maschine2 Software

Hello dear Cubase community,

I hope someone can assist me with an issue I’m having with my Maschine Micro MK3. A few days ago, I acquired this device and I’m currently struggling to record audio via the Maschine2 Software as a VST in Cubase. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any success thus far.

Interestingly, everything works flawlessly in standalone mode (see Image 1). However, I’m not receiving any signal once I attempt to record audio via the Maschine2 Software in Cubase.

Has anyone encountered similar experiences or knows what might be causing this issue? Any tips or insights would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

Somehow, I need to assign the inputs IN 1 L and IN 1 R to the audio interface (UR22), similar to how it’s done in standalone mode. I’ve already discovered that the ‘Audio’ section under Preferences in the Maschine Software isn’t displayed when it’s loaded as a VST. In that case, the system defaults to Cubase’s audio settings. Unfortunately, I couldn’t identify, find, or assign the input signals in the Studio Settings.

I hope this helps!

In VST mode in Cubase, the inputs 1-4 are displayed, but I’m not receiving any signal. I believe the assignment to the interface is missing.