Help needed | Using Different Hardware Devices for Input and for Output

Firstly, I’m new to music production, DAWs and Cubase, so please keep that in mind.

This is my setup:
DAW: Cubase 11 Pro
OS: Windows 11.
Audio interface: Motu M4
Monitors: PreSonus Eris 3.5

I’m using my audio interface for inputs (guitar, microphone), however my monitors are not connected to it (and can’t, don’t have the cables for them at the moment).

Can I somehow pass the output signals to them instead? They’re connected directly to my motherboard via a 3.5mm connection.

ASIO4ALL is rather flexible in how you can route input and output, so I guess you can do it that way. Windows 11 isn’t officially supported, though…

Windows 11 works fine for me. The thing is the Motu driver can’t be used with asio4all so it will be a compromise until you get the cables. You could always use headphones in the Motu. Generally Cubase can only use one audio interface so you can’t have separate ones for in and out. Using asio4all does allow this.I haven’t used it though as I prefer my interface drivers.

If you’re on Windows 10: Here is a free power tool for routing audio to and from nearly anything you like. It works kind of like a patch bay and supports ASIO and WDM applications. It can also do full duplex streams over a LAN/WAN or local IP.

Until your cables arrive, you should be able bridge your ASIO interface with your motherboard device.

ASIO Link Pro will also come in handy when you want to route apps (both ASIO or WDM) into your DAW, or send your DAW output to stuff like Skype, Zoom, etc.

Give Academy - ODeus ASIO Link Pro - Patcher

It might end up looking similar to this:

The example shows Six inputs routed into Cubase from an ASIO audio interface.
Cubase control room is routed OUT to the ASIO interface (you can’t hear it yet without your cables but send it there anyway), which is then going into a WDM driver that shows up as a recording device in your Windows Sound Settings as “Mix 01 ASIOVADPRO Driver”.

You’d have Windows itself set to use your motherboard audio interface for its sound output.
In Windows Sound Settings, you’d activate the Listen passthrough for Mix 01.

That’s interesting. I haven’t seen that one before :+1:

It had been around for a while, then disappeared (Author passed away), then came back (family allowed someone to patch and distribute).

I don’t think it’s actively supported anymore, but it sure does work well from Windows XP through Windows 10!

I don’t know how it will hold up in Windows 11.

The next best thing I have found is Jack2 (Open source and actively supported). It has similar functionality but isn’t as well optimized for windows out of the box, nor is it nearly as easy to set up and use. It seems like in order to get WDM apps into the fold ASIO4ALL might be required.

There are also a variety of products from VB-Audio that help bridge ASIO and WDM worlds. I’ve yet to install and try them, other than maybe the free virtual cable.

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