help needed using MIDI with multiple applications and Windows 10

Hi, I recently made the transition back to a Windows and I’m trying to get my setup working again. Is there a way to use the same MIDI driver with multiple applications?

I use Cubase Pro 8 and a software called KARMA Kronos. KK is a MIDI program that needs to be connected to my keyboard’s MIDI drivers. But then Cubase can’t use my keyboard’s MIDI drivers if the other app is using them. Is there a way around this?

Also I need a way to send MIDI from Cubase to KK. If anyone knows about some good virtual MIDI cables then let me know. So far I’m looking into one by Tobias Erichsen, but he has a few options and I’m a little confused about the differences between the softwares up on his site.


You should be able to use one MIDI driver in multiple applications. This doesn’t work with the ASIO drivers but it works with MIDI driver.

Can you see the Yamaha driver in Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Ports?

He means having two applications open and using the MIDI Port simultaneously. I’m pretty sure you have to use MIDI OX/MIDI looper to do this on windows.

This is really not possible on Windows?

Typically the first app to open locks the driver. If there’s a workaround, I’d like to know it :slight_smile:

I think this entirely depends on the MIDI interface used. I have 3 different midi interfaces here, one is part of the maudio delta 1010 interface which is on the pci bus, another one is an maudio midisport 8x8 with USB, and a small 4 channel one “Midibox 4x4” also usb… The Midibox exhibits this behaviour, the driver gets locked and no other app can use the particular port which i tried to open in 2 apps at once. However the other 2 interfaces seem to be more transparent and their driver does not lock the midi device to the first app which opened it.
Im a hardware/software developer myself, and this issue is actually an annoyance cause a single solution might not work on any available midi interface hehe.

To finish off this thread, I was never able to get around the problem of Windows using one driver per application. However, multiple applications can still send MIDI to a single device. I’m able to work with that limitation.

I’m thinking that your two interfaces are functioning how I described above. They’re probably only recieving MIDI from multiple applications.