Help needed with Arturia Keylab Essential MK3 Cubase Setup

I am running Cubase 13 with an Arturia Keylab Essential 61 MK3 and have updated the firmware on the keyboard via Arturia’s MIDI Control Center (1.1.6), set it to DAW mode (see screenshot) and then imported the script Arturia provides on their website to set it all up in Cubase. The script imports with no errors, but there are issues. First, the transport controls while they work, they also play a note when I press play or stop for example. Second, the tempo button on the onscreen graphical representation of the keyboard in Cubase is labeled “Missing” (see screenshot) and the when I move a knob, the fader below it actually moves and not the knob, and if I move the fader, the knob above it moves instead.

I went back to the Arturia website to ensure I had the right script version (1.3.1) and could see no others for my keyboard. I even tried 1.1.1 linked by someone else on a forum. I have gone over all the user accessible settings and see no way to correct this, but I am a total Cubase newbie so maybe I missed something. I have included my Cubase MIDI settings in case I have made a mistake, but all of these settings were made by the script not me. How did others get the Keylab Essential Keyboards working?

I contacted Arturia last week but their auto reply was that they are very busy with with more support calls than expected (of course). Had the keyboard a week now and have not been able to use it with Cubase which is frustrating to say the least.

Hi, for a start, disable the Keylab Essential 61 remote surface (the one at the top of the screenshot you’ve just posted) by going to the Scripts tab of the MIDI Remote Manager This one is for the previous Keylab Essential model.

For this one, remove the Kl Essential 61 daw port from the All MIDI inputs by going to menu Studio→Studio Setup→MIDI Port Setup, select this port and uncheck the In ‘All MIDI Inputs’ box.

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Thanks for the reply. I removed the first keyboard as you said and unchecked the MIDI but still not working. Here are my latest screenshots. What is odd is that keyboard I removed was added by the Arturia script version 1.1 that states it is for the MK3 version. I only tried 1.1 as 1.3.1 was not working either. When I import 1.3.1, I get two entries again on the MIDI Remote Manager page, but this time both are MK3 unlike with 1.1.

I don’t get why this is so hard. I would have thought the script would have done it all as the guide from Arturia makes no mention of unchecking MIDI or anything oher than importing that script. Been a week of trying and I still cannot use mu keyboard with Cubase.

Do you have the same keyboard and are using it with Cubase? Does anyone have this working and if so, can they please share the step by step instructions. Yes I am on the latest Arturiia firmware too 1.1.6.

I see a weird thing in your last screenshot. I see the ALV port in your second remote. This can’t be right, the ALV port as far as I understand is strictly for use when in Analog Lab mode. Note that in order for your remote to work as expected you should have your Essential MK3 to its DAW mode.

I checked the script by Arturia, they seem to want to use the MIDI port, but then I see a sysex recognition which I’m not sure whether it’s for this port or the DAW one.

Unfortunately I don’t have this device, however I do recall other guys here using it, so maybe you find some tips on other threads relative to it.

That is weird as the ALV port was setup via the Arturia supplied Cubase script. I also tried the many other suggestions I could find all to no avail. Maybe my keyboard has an issue or at least their script does. Thinking of just returning it as clearly Arturia is not focused on this area. Thanks for trying to help.

Update: Been in touch with Arturia support who have been great. We have tried many steps to rectify but nothing seems to fix the transport controls not working in Cubase. I even sent them a video of the entire setup process and they confirmed it was correct. They are just as confused as I am. I have no other MIDI devices or software. That said, I did try the demo of FL Studio and everything worked out of the box. This means the keyboard is just fine (I was wondering if it was faulty), but Cubase 13 for me at least is not. I am switching to FL Studio as I actually like it better than Cubase, but I have committed to continue to work with Arturia to solve the Cubase issue as perhaps others will encounter.