help needed with piano ballad

I got this song, posted it a while ago called ‘turn around’ with Simone on vocals.

I just can’t get it to work, the mix I mean. I normally make electronic music but in this one I use a sampled piano.
It’s the steinway in garritan’s personal orchestra. And to be honest, it sounds just not good enough.
Not really a surprise, the package cost 169,- 3 years back and it includes a whole orchestra, brass, violins, orchestral drums, pipe organ, piano’s etc.
So I can’t really expect the best but…

Is there a fellow cubase user outthere with a great piano library like vienna or whatever that wants to help me out.
I send the midi file and then you send me a rendered version back so I can mix it in the song.

Here’s the mix so far:

I used a side chain to hide the piano behind the vocals, I did that a bit to harsch but the piano sounds so thick and cheap, I couldn’t find another solution. I totally pulled down all mids, all lows used 3 compressors and a pultec and cambridge EQ, but polish a turd, it still is a turd or how do you guys say that in english :smiley:
(In holland we say, give a monkey a golden ring, it still will be an ugly thing)

If you want me to do something in return, program drums, mix or master something, I will gladly help you out!

Greetz Dylan.


I got both some Miroslav Philharmonic, SampleTank (+Xpansions) and EastWest sounds to choose from…!
I figured I could just bounce out a bunch and mail back samples in HQ mp3 untill u find the one u like!?

Gimme a holla at

I really dig the vibe on that track!



I mailed you midi and tempotrack, looking forward to it!

Greetz Dylan.

I also will help if you want me to. I have Vienna Instruments Imperial Grand and I think it sounds great. Great song so feel free!

Happy to render with NI’s ‘Alicia Keys’ Yamaha if you want to trial another option…

Thanks guys!

I got a render from spheroidbeats, it sounds nice but not in sync because he couldn’t open my tempo track.
He asked, and I don’t know, if this is due to the different versions ( I am on 5 he is on 6)

At Kzarider and Sherz also many thanks for the offer! :slight_smile:

The Alicia Keys thing sounds the best option, it’s a piano ballad with a girl singing, Sherz could you PM your email so I can send you the files? And also I am curious if the tempo track works in your DAW.
Also the file rendered by spheroidbeats didn’t contain the pedal controllerdata. I thought this was a universal midi command picked up by all piano libraries?

Greetz Dylan.

Done! :sunglasses:

Dude, that song needs a pianist! :sunglasses: And seeing as a while back you were offering to do a drum track for me…

You Pianist? :slight_smile:

Well… :confused: I can’t guarantee you anything but I’d be happy to have a go. It’ll be a good exercise and she’s got a great voice. Why don’t you send me a vocal only, unless you have definite ideas about arrangement? If you want to go ahead, can we do it via a drop box or do you want my email? Better PM me about that sort of stuff.

I thought the original piano part was ok, and certainly rendered with Alica Key’s piano it was MUCH better (I assume you got the WAV file I sent??). The playing was a little stiff but what was played generally leaves it open for a fuller arrangement. However, if you want to keep it mostly solo piano and vocal(s) then a more elaborate piano performance might be called for in which case it would be worth taking up the offer! :slight_smile: