Help needed with tempo changes

Hello there
I have few tracks of audio vocal music that were recorded together at a variable tempo. Cubase was not able to automatically detect the tempo, so I have done it manually and now have a variable tempo map that I can record midi parts too.

I have “set definition from tempo” on each audio track, and in the pool enabled musical mode. Musical mode is also enabled in the track inspector settings. Yet I cannot get the tempo of the audio to change to a fixed tempo, no matter what I do. The tempo of the midi changes in accordance to the fixed tempo, but the audio stays just the same as it was. In all the help videos I have watched, the audio changes tempo once you put it in musical mode, but mine doesn’t.

I don’t know what I am doing wrong - can anyone help me?

Did you have all audio events selected when you applied the "set definition from tempo "?

I did. But still only the midi tracks will change tempo.

I think I have found out why my audio tracks are not responding to tempo changes - I have melodyne enabled on them.

Yes. Melodyne takes over the audio…you record into the plug and it plays back from the plugin in place of the track audio.

What is the correct way to print melodyne onto the track and so get rid of the plugin? - I have lost the beginning of my track doing it by rendering.

Render in place I would imagine.

Thank-you so much for your responses!

I had difficulty with render in place, because melodyne had moved the position of my audio, but have eventually got everything to work okay by using the rather more long winded method of exporting each track to mixdown and then importing it.

FYI, since there is a fair amount of misunderstanding caused by confusing the two:

Musical MODE is set in the Pool & tells an audio file to follow tempo changes.

Musical TIMEBASE (not mode) is set in a Track’s Inspector (any kind of Track) and it tells the Track to locate events based on bars & beats. Compare to Linear TIMEBASE (the other toggle for the button) which locates events based on hours:minutes:seconds.