Help needed with Yamaha MX88 and Cubase

My MX88 is not controlling Cubase in any form or fashion. It’s as if neither see each other correctly via the USB cable. I have tried virtually everything per the manual, the forum suggestions and countless videos. What am I doing wrong?
I’m using Cubase AI 11, a Mackie USB mixer/interface and the MX88. All drivers have been updated and I’m using a Windows 10 Pro laptop.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

I do not know if my input will help,
and i am not certain how you are running MX88 to your laptop.
If the MX88 is not being used as the main/only USB audio/midi interface,
CUBASE will not work with the MX88.
If you are using MX88 USB to laptop, try using a different USB cable.

Hey. Thanks much for the response but I’m a bit confused as to then how would one record “live” analog performances? I want to be able to record the MX with midi tracks and a vocal mic, guitar, etc. etc. with/through the Mackie mixer also connected to Cubase. Are you saying that I connect the mixer to the MX via its “to device” output? Currently, I have the MX into one USB port of my laptop and the mixer into the other.

The only way i know is,
MX88 USB to laptop.
That will funnel audio and midi to CUBASE, and allow DAW remote of CUBASE from MX88.
You could try running MACKIE mixer analogue outs into stereo analogue input of MX88 (if MACKIE can run like an analogue mixer.).

Anything the MACKIE mixes would go into MX88, and MX88 and everything being mixed in MACKIE will all go through digital USB to CUBASE.
The advantage is that all audio, MX88 and whatever is being mixed into the MACKIE will go through USB digital to laptop with one USB cable.
Also, i think you can add MX88 effects to input of MX88, i can on my MODX.
You might need a stereo 1/4 to 1/8 cable to hook up mixer to MX88.

I hope this helps, and i would hope someone with more knowledge than me would respond to your post, as it might yield more info on the subject.

Appreciate your help. However, I tried it exactly as you said to no avail. I connected the MX to the laptop and Cubase with no response. I’m guessing I may need to reinstall the MX driver. I’ll keep trying to I figure it out.

Did you activate the DAW remote button on MX 88?