Help needed?

Just a comment…

This forum is to help users or moderators to other users, and with my posts I try to do so, as a lot of other users do too. But PLEASE, do not put the topic title in such a yellow press manner, like BUG! or ISSUE or NOT WORKING.

If I were a non- or not experienced Cubase user visiting the forum, I would be scared like crazy, if I had to read topics like “function A not working”, “option B behaves strange” or “This is a bug…” all the time, I would think, this whole software is crap, just because the title of the topic makes me think that. The next thing, that follows this in a natural manner, is the doubt: Can Cubase do this or that? Does it work? Why are there so many complaints?

I like a lot the topics with useful suggestions, of course. But let´s face it: The big mayority of problems has a simple solution. Of course there are bugs, but if something´s not working like expected, I try to find the error in my way of how I use the program instead of yelling NOT WORKING… Cubase is very complete and quite complex, and I do not pretend to know the whole program like the palm of my hand. So if I don´t find a solution, I make a question here, or I read the manual. There is a learning curve for anything.
Sometimes the forum seems to be like a big FIND A BUG/MALFUNCTION competition.

Just had to get this off my chest…

And no, I don´t get paid for this comment :wink: