Help! New pc 12700k z690 LatencyMon fail

Got a 12700k with a msi mag z690 and
Latency Mon is failing. Audio card is a babyface pro fs
Any suggestions? Installed win 11
Did some tweaks in the bios still failed.
(My main pc on AMD running solid)


Can you go in the Processes tab to see what process is causing the long interrupts ?

Hi Louis,
Just got it working.
Power options "better performance " was not enough.
Control panel performance mode solved the issue.

I’m testing the intel z690 vs my main build on Amd B550 see if Cubase will drop the usb driver or not. Everytime I open a project I need to reset audio in Cubase. Will try the intel if it does the same :wink:

Merci c’est très apprécié. Je vais voir si Cubase avec l’interface audio en usb est plus stable sur intel.

Its windows core parking issue. Turn off core parking.