HELP new user cubase 10.5

I have no sound , between go produce and myself we are trying to figure out why i cannot audition any of my samples without dragging them into project window ,that aside i now have lost all sound , everything is turned up dorrect soundcard , control correctly , this keeps happening , yesterday i was having to solo all ten tracks to hear all the tracks , to solo one track i have to stop every other track , so confused ??


Do you mean the preview from the MediaBay? Enable Control Room and add Monitor 1 Bus. Route it sou your output. Then set Stereo Out to Not Connected in the Audio Connections > Outputs. All Previews are routed over the Monitor 1 bus.

You do not necessarily need control room to hear Media Bay preview though…


If Control Room is not enabled, the Previews are routed over the Main Mix bus. You can choose the Main Mix bus in the Audio Connections > Outputs window by right-click to the Bus and enable the Main Mix.

But I prefer (and recommend) to use Control Room. You get other advantages with it.