HELP No device found 816CSX

What is this problem it worked find a couple of weeks but then i needed to move the computer a couple of meters so i took out all cables and put them in again i used FW 1 in the back and it was not recogniced on my Mac Pro so i switched to FW 2 and it worked but then i had to move the computer back top the place it was before so i took out all cables and now the damn thing dont work on ANY port anymore.
Mac Pro 1.1 OSX Lion 10.7.5


Have you tried with a new or different FW cable? Also please make sure that the cable is no longer than 3 meters.
I have seen this happen before and at the end it was a defective cable, that for some strange reason stopped working when it was moved.

If that is not the case:

  1. Make sure you have the latest drivers and Firmware installed
  2. The WIFI is disabled
  3. Repair the permissions on the Mac
  4. Remove any additional FW devices
    Certain Mac computers feature two physical FireWire ports, while these are connected to one common FireWire bus internally. For testing purposes please also remove any devices connected to the second FireWire port of the Mac as well.

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I used the same FW cable the one that came with the unit.
I moved the rack aswell when i moved the computer.
I gonna try a different cable i have 400-400 1.5m long
And hope that the cable is the problem.
I also did try the second FW400 port i have a FW 800 to 400 cable maybe i should try that one what do you think as i have one FW800 port.
Wifi is disabled always
And i have latest drivers (of course)
But not the firmware as i did a factory reset ( in a panic move to get it to work.
But that didnt help.
So now i guess i cant get the latest firmware if the FW ports dont work anymore
If so i wonder how much it cost to repair them?


Reseting the interface has nothing to do with the Firmware, you can reset the interface as many times as you want and still update the Firmware.

I have reseted my interface hundreds of times while troubleshooting other users, it will only erase your MR editor settings.

Yes, please try with a different FW cable a new one preferably. I don’t think it is a problem with the ports, but you never know. If you think it is defective you will have to contact support through your MySteinberg account and request an RMA, but first you need to test it on a new computer just to be 100% the interface is defective.

Don’t panic there are many other things to try before sending your interface. :wink:

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Ok i have tried 4 different cables no luck i have done permission reset no luck
The cable that came with the unit work fine on a Liquid Mix i just bought just to see if it the cable was damaged

So with that done i would say it cant be the FW port on the Mac and not the cable

I also tried to uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and no luck still the MR editor see no device.

I have read on other forums for other firewire units (Motu) and i am afraid i have done atleast 2 or 3 “hotplugging” (since it was my first firewire unit i did not know it was dangerous to hotplug especially since the firwire protocol is made to be able to hotplug BUT it can cuase damage if you do that)

Now isnt that like saying hey try it it might work and then they laugh hohohoho we got another unit soon to repair (since i bought a Liquid Mix i wanted to see what i had to pay if that also got damaged when i plugged it in and Focusrite charge 250$ for repairing a Liquid Mix which i read some people damaged just because they hotplug it)

I am not sure about the exact number but i remember did atleast 2 “hotplugging” one was when i changed to FW port 2 from FW 1 but then it worked on port 2 so that is strange that after that when i moved back it did not work on any port.

Also read that the user on that Motu forum also said they learned “the hard way” that once plugged in never unplug it again.

Wonder how many damage units that is done just because of hotplugging?

I gonna try it on a different machine and if it not works i need to know the price for fixing this unit i bought it second hand so i have no warranty.

But if it is not so expensive i will fix it otherwise i have to sell it for a bargain or destroy it and never ever buy a firewire unit again.

Tried it on another computer a pc
Same problem tried it on two different fw cards
Both with texas chip still Mr editor can’t see the interface.


In this case please get in contact with the support and request a RMA for your audio interface.
They will tell you how much it will be and how to proceed.

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Ok no place in Sweden where the unit can be repaired how is that possible i have to send it to Germany?
The charge is 150-180 euro + 20 euro shipping i only got the shipping cost from Germay not to Germany from Sweden which i guess is alot more then 20 euro since i am a private person and not a company who most likely have some deal with a logistic company.

And when the card is there they can say anything (like we have to replace this and that and thats cost bla bla you can pay this or we send it back broken BUT you have to pay 100 euro for the job we done so far)

So instead of send it to Germany i did buy another second hand Steinberg MR816X interface and it has 1 firewire port broken.
Seems like a shitty system and i really think that Steinberg should take responsibility and take no charge when the firewire port gets broken as easely as they do
They are the ones who is selling a product that is so expensive and has such a fragile system.

Its like if a car manufactor sell a car with brakes that stop working if you pushing the brakepedal to hard…
What do you think the car seller had to do take back all broken cars and fix them of course.

I think this is [EDITED by a moderator:Please avoid that kind of language!] and it should not be able to broke for such thing as hotplugging i guess thats why the card is now only available as USB
Never again i buy anything from Steinberg even if i really like the sound of the card but i really dont like the way Steinberg is handling their customers.


Like any other Firewire device from any other company like MOTU, RME, etc… if you hot-plug it you risk permanent damage. Our devices have a two year warranty like the majority of electronics on the Market. Yes, you have to cover the expenses to ship the device to Germany and our repair center will cover the shipping cost from the repair center to your house.

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Still would it be so hard to put a warning sign on the card close to the FW port?
Saying dont remove FW cable before shutting down power on the MR unit AND the computer
Those cards where made long after Motu and others had trouble with there FW ports there is newcombers who dont know about problems with FW and think it is like USB.
And still i read when i searched for this topic “they are designed to do hotpluging but it can damage to your device” why not say never ever hotplug.
Only on music and camera forum i read from USERS that do never ever hotplug it cost me so much bla bla.
That is the companys job to inform the customers not something you have to find on an internet forum.
So i guess Steinberg have many devices that where sent back that had warranty.
So i guess the lack of informataion is only beacuse if it slipped out they would sell much less units.
And after reading some more about this you can plug the cable the wrong way also.
Well this is more and more strange how could such a fragile system survived so long?


It is actually mentioned on the getting started guide in the precautions section right where it says, Please read carefully before proceeding. If you read right under connections:

Before connecting the instrument to other electronic components, turn off the power for all components. > Before turning the power on or off for all components, set all volume levels to minimum. Also, be sure to set the volumes of all components at their minimum levels and gradually raise the volume controls while playing the instrument to set the desired listening level.

Which obviously nobody reads…

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