HELP! Noise Feedback with nothing plugged in

Hi there,

I just installed Cubase AI with my new UR12, Im trying for the first time to record my guitar but when I create a new audio, and I enable the monitor button there is a persistent noisy feedback, very high frequency even with nothing in any USB plugged in.
It seems that is taking the sound from the usb input anyway, in fact if I scream into the USB entrance of my laptop the sound comes out from the computer speakers, and also while I type on the keyboard I can hear the noise from the speakers.
Is this a bug of Cubase or it depends from the settings? I doubt is due to the UR12 cause is not plugged in. How can I fix this?
Thank you in advance.


Sounds like you have ‘Loopback Recording’ on.

In Cubase select
Devices | Device Setup … | VST Audio System / Yamaha Steiberg USB ASIO | Control Panel
and uncheck ‘Enable Loopback’ option (on ‘Steinberg UR’ tab).

Hi, - i had the same issue - turned out there was an ‘amp emulator’ plugin active on one of my tracks - turned this off and the noise stopped :slight_smile:.