Help on clicksound not present after update

Need some help, or there is something wrong in the update(which I assume is not the case):

I have activcated everything in the metronome settings as usual, but in the controlroom where the click volume and pan is present those are greyed out.
Metronome is activated, level in the settings 127, the default Steinberg clicksound, output is master, but nothing audible.
Nothing has changed in my project and before the update I had sound.

Stupid question I guess: do you still hear any other sound via your Control Room?

Yes, my masterbuss. I loaded that same project into Cubase 10 which I still have installed and there is my metronome. Checked its settings, load up again into Cubase 10.5.10 and nothing, no click. Settigns are the same.
Click in thew controlroom on the left side of the mixer is greyed out.
I have no Cue or hones channeld, only the master stereoutput through the controlroom.

also tried an new/empty project, no click while playing or recording. Both activated in the metronome settings.

When I look in C10 in an empty project the Click in the controlroomwindow stays blue, wether the metronome is actovated or not.
In C10.05.10 that clickpart is greyed out (click level and pan), not blue.

Solved: did the trick with deleting the preferences, now the metronome is working again.
So I am happy again!