Help on recording guitars in Cubase 7.5

Hello, I’m a quite new with Cubase and I have a problem while recording my guitar through Line6 Pod Pro XT.
Line6 Pod Pro XT is connected to a stereo par input in my Motu Ultralite MK3, that stereo input is selected in Cubase as the input for a stereo track, I add a couple of insert pluggins.Ok, what I hear is what I want, but when I record it and play the recorded track, the sound is different, lower volume and lower quality…
What am I doing wrong? Should I redirect the output to a new track so that the recorded sound includes the effects?
Many thanks for your help.

Off the top of my head, I would think that you have some sort of monitoring set up via the MOTU, and when you play, you’re hearing the sound via that route; when you play what you’ve recorded you’re hearing what you’ve actually done?

You could ‘print’ the effects onto the track permanently the way you want, but most people don’t work that way if they don’t need to as it leaves the option open of altering the FX afterwards - usually you’d only do that if you were running short of CPU power and wanted to remove the CPU load of the FX you are using.

I would think the place to start is in the software for the MOTU, see if there is any monitoring set up in there; I know that on multi-channel M-Audio gear there is a monitor mixer which does a similar function and has been the cause of a few scratched heads in the past. Also check if direct monitoring or similar is turned on in Cubase.

Hi djaychela, first of all, thanks for your quick answer. Yes, I checked Motu Cuemix software and by changing the Main Out monitoring set up, now what I record in Cubase sounds through my monitors exactly as it sound from Line6 Pod Pro XT. However, how can I record with the insert effects included?, I mean, for dynamics effects I use some Waves pluggins, and what you hear affects the way you play/strum the guitar and I want that sound to be recorded.In addition, if I am using an amp simulator instead of the Pod Pro, I want to record with the fx included…

If you want to record FX onto a track, don’t insert them into the track that you’re recording onto, insert them into the input channel, then whatever FX you have will get recorded.

Hello djachela, I’m lost with guitar, I own now an Apogee One (last version) and even when I try to record a dry signal, regardless a use the Ultralite or the Apogee, what I hear when playing sounds great, but when I record, the recorded audio quality is lower, difused…I don’t know if any additional set up should be done in my MacBook Pro. What is funny is that if I record using Audio Jack Pro, then the recorded file does sound exactly as what I hera when playing…sad, very sad…need some help!!