Help on slash bars


today I’ve imported a midi file from Cubase in Dorico. In some cases I need slash measures but the note in staff still continue to appear. I remember, if I’m not wrong, that notes can be masked by slash.
How can I solve this?

Those are repeat bars, not slash regions. Shift-R, slash.

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sorry for the error in typing terms. Then this is possible only with slash?

It is, indeed, which makes sense. If you indicate repeating bars and then put some other music underneath to play, it’s quite incongruent.

yes, you are right, I was trying to mask that notes only for not delete definitively, it is a part preparing, not a score for playing
Anyway thanks for clarifying

Plus if you insert the repeat bars it will play back (as expected) what’s being repeated. Slash bars allow you to have it play back things but hide the actual notation of those things with the slashes (so different purpose).

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I see. I normally use a separate flow called “idsas” for storing these snippets, but I can see the convenience of doing it your way.

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