Help on updating

Hello guys. New to this form. I need some help updating my software. Currently, I have cubase AI 5.1.2 I would like to update to 5.5. I go to the update part, and it says I can only update to 5.5 if I have 5.1.1 or older. Can someone tell me how I can update to 5.5? I have tried to download the update twice, and once it is fully downloaded, the download page disapeers, and nothing happens. I then check my version, and nothing has changed. Nor has anything new appeared on my list of softwares downloaded.

Help please!


There is no 5.5 update for Cubase AI 5.

That latest update on the Cubase AI 5 download page is 5.1.1:

The 5.5 updates are only for Cubase Studio 5 and Cubase (full) 5.