Help or request: Layouts with same engraving changes (Linked Layouts?)

I can’t for the life of me find if this exists already.

I have two layouts of the same music in the same project. One is a normal score and the other is set up for single lines for export and use in sheet music videos. However, when I make engraving changes in one layout, it doesn’t effect the other. I understand why this is, but is there a way to link them to carry the same changes?

Currently I have to engraving (change formatting, fix slurs, change cresc/dim style, etc) for one layout and then go to the other and do the same. This is twice the work. Any ideas?

Local properties only affect the current layout if the property scope is set to “Locally” rather than “Globally”. Here’s some information about local vs global properties.

You can also propagate properties after the fact.

Is there a way to flip this on after making the edits without going item by item?

EDIT: this isn’t working for me at all

In the layout with the settings you want to propagate: select all, then propagate. Note that the mode impacts which properties get copied, so if some of the properties are only available in Engrave mode, make sure you’re in Engrave mode when you propagate.

To copy the property settings already set on items, you need to follow the instructions for “propagate properties” – switching the property scope between Locally/Globally only affects subsequent properties you change, that switch isn’t retrospective.

Ok, so that worked, but it doesn’t copy my system breaks and frame breaks? I propagated in engrave mode as well

EDIT: Is there a filter for selecting system/frame breaks?

Take a look on the Edit > Filter menu.

Ah, but for copying those, as in duplicating the casting off, you want part formatting propagation. This is only available between part layouts, not scores. Propagating properties is strictly about settings applied to existing items.

Ah ok, that was the thing. Feature request? Thanks for your help!

The ability to propagate casting off etc between score layouts as well as part layouts has been requested before.

Whilst checking the forum to find such earlier requests, I was reminded that the ability to duplicate layouts has now been implemented – that’s an option if you preferred to work that way around, ie set up one score layout just how you want, then duplicate it, and make any amendments in the duplicated layout that are required.

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That’s true, however my dual layout project needs to be set up beforehand because it is so particular in the formatting. The property propagation helps a lot and so does the global setting. Honestly, I’ve never used it before. I’m somewhere around 50 projects I with Dorico after over a decade of Sibelius and I am constantly learning new things. Even though the info is available in the manual and previous posts, this forum is invaluable for people like myself who become overwhelmed by it all. Thanks again for the help!

You’re very welcome – if you want a lucky-dip of handy hints, keep an eye on my colleague Ant’s fabulous Tips Tuesdays: short videos that demonstrate useful corners of functionality.