Help: PC virus removal & Cubase project file backup

Hello all,

My PC recently caught a virus and it’s been sent to a computer megastore for virus removal. It’s possible that they might have to backup my important data (namely, Cubase 5 .cpr project files), remove the currrent O.S. (Windows XP SP3) and install Windows 7 Professional 32 bit.

I was told I would have to reinstall Cubase 5 once the new O.S. was installed. My main question is, how will this affect my existing projects? Also, will I have any issues with my USB e-Licenser? (I have Cubase 5 and Arturia V Collection 3 stored on my USB e-Licenser).

Finally, is there anything else I should be aware of during this virus removal and backup process?

Firstly, forget Windows 32bit. You should install 64bit. You can still use 32bit versions of things, but it will give you a modicum of future proofing.

You should still be able to open existing projects without problems, as long as you have the same plugs installed. There should be no problem with the eLicenser, as long as you are using a version that is designed to work on Windows 7.


Not only .cpr files but also everything in Cubase project folders.

Indeed. But only if your audio interface has 64-bit driver.

Wow, I’m truly thankful for all these tips and advice. Steve Fogal, those are the suggestions I needed to hear. Thanks for your time. Also, I hadn’t even considered making an image of my O.S. and programs myself! (for next time)

Also, Steve, I was browsing the internet on my music PC, something I really shouldn’t do! It does need an internet connection for installing and registering plug-ins, but I’ve learned (the hard way) that I should keep the internet browsing and .rar file downloads on a seperate computer. Thanks again for your detailed insight.

DG, thanks for your input. I was unsure if I should stay 32 or go 64 bit. And Jarno, thanks for your clarifications.

This might also be of some help to you.


Hmm, what about the software drivers for the Syncrosoft USB e-Licenser that were installed with my version of Cubase – can and should those drivers be backed up? I believe there was a “Syncrosoft” folder on my computer with an “e-Licenser Control Center” or something of the like. Do I need to back this up or are there e-Licenser drivers to download on the Steinberg site?

Or will the drivers simply be re-installed when I re-install Cubase 5?

I hope I’m not obsessing over this, but I just want to make sure my software licenses will remain intact.

The most up-to-date eLicenser software version can be found here …

I would install Cubase 5 (which still installs the old Syncrosoft) and all it’s (Cubase’s) updates, then install the latest eLCC from the link I posted (before launching Cubase for the first time).