Help picking good string sounds

I’m trying to pic a new synth this weekend for string sounds. I need big rich sounding strings. I have Garritan (which sounds great for chamber music) but I’m having trouble getting that big lush string sound clients want. I wouldn’t mind getting full orchestra if the price/quality ratio makes sense - but my goal is to get great string section sounds. Help please?


Vienna (VSL) Synchron Strings Pro: $485
Spitfire - Hans Zimmer Strings: $799
Spitfire - Abbey Road One: $449
Berlin Symphonic Strings: $500
Cinematic Studio Strings: $399
Native Instruments (NI) String Ensemble: $499
Native Instruments (NI) String Ensemble Essentials: $199
EastWest Hollywood Orchestra: $300

HALion 6: $349 ($99-$199 upgrade)
HALion Sonic 3: $249 ($99-$199 upgrade)
Cinematique Instruments - Vertigo Strings: $142.99
Halion Symphonic Orchestra: $59
Native Instruments Komplete 13: $399

I’m tempted by Cinematic Strings and EastWest. But if Vienna or Abbey Road are worth the extra cost I’d like to know.

Also I’m seeing BBC symphony core on sale for $314. The full version is $699, but I don’t know if I have that much hard-drive space.

If you don’t get enough replies here, there’s a good chance to get lots of opinions about different string libraries in the Sample Talk sub forum of VI control.