Help Pining Inspector and Rack Items


Whatever I do I can not make this work. I have read the manual checked the forums etc.
I want track inspector Insert Send and Fader visible at all times. So I pin them and save as a preset while they are open. As soon as I press OK they get closed. Or If I open up an other tab they get collapsed and can not go back to the state I want. I have to manually open yhem up with alt.
Same with the Mixer Rack. What is the way to keep the items I want no matter where I click??I checked the racks tab. Only have the option for hide and visible.

Cubase 10.010 OSX 13.6

Hi and welcome,

Yes, once you close the Audio Track Inspector Settings, altars become collapsed. Once you open the Inserts, they are pinned since then.

Be aware, there is different settings for the Audio Tracks and another one for the Instrument track, or Group Channels, etc. You have to make the settings for all these track types.

This “Feature” has been broken for years… Pinning doesn’t work

It works for the Audio tracks but is broken on the midi and instruments …