Help Please ! Audio and Midi interface for Cubasis

I have just bought Cubasis for my ipad and am trying to find out what interface will work for me. I need a studio quality mike imput 48v and a midi function from a portable piano keyboard … Does anyone know what the best set up would be ? I was looking at the Focusrite itrack solo but it has no midi , so I am thinking the new i rig Pro which has midi and maybe hook up an Akai MPK or an irig Key’s … I just want a simple plug in and go that will work as soon as I fire up … also bothered about where the power will come from as I don’t want to keep running down the ipad battery. Thanks in advance bigdrum

Behringer iStudio iS202 and asesis I/o mix is the best i seen online … so far Behringer leads , but there could be more options , i looking to find if the A/ D n D/ A is done on the hardware or on the i pad ?? thanks sm

Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 works well with iPad/Cubasis. Although I haven’t tested midi yet.

The Behringer has several + points , it charges the i pad as it works, most of the smaller ones , need the camera kit , n issues , i read in forums here , The I studio does midi as well, i m sure many other companies will join the band wagon soon … but this is revolutionary , n sure drove me away from purchasing the Zoom R 8 as a multitracker , @least for sketching rough ideas on the move …sm

Some are combination Audio/MIDI devices, and some with only one.

Re: the Alesis: … I can’t find anywhere whether it does 16-bit or 24-bit recording. Can someone point me to where that spec is listed?

Also, does anyone know the latency?

And finally - how do the A/D and D/A converters compare to more upscale interfaces like the Focusrite iTrack solo?

Thanks -

Thanks guy’s for your help … I will have a look at the suggestions you have made.

Hi dt forget the latest Ipads now come with a lightning port ,instead of the older ones 30 pin … but there are some Adapters for that , dt know if they work perfectly though … nor can i down load the Istudio Brochure .pdf , which could help know all the features… sm