Help Please..Behringer X32 producer and cubase 5 Studio

Hi guys,

Firstly I’m a real noobe when it comes to mixers and daw so please forgive me before we start.

Im frantically trying to get to grips with my Behringer X32 and Cubase 7 on a PC. I received the Behringer X32 as a gift so I could not refuse it (well my friend owed me money and we made a deal). I used to have a FW1884 but it just imposable to get it running after they discontinued the drivers.

Please can someone help me get my desired setup I can’t figure out how to get the Behringer X32 to produce sound from the PC.

I want to have 16 and 16 channels. I think I did this OK
I want to see and hear Cubase through the system. Can’t hear sh**t
I want one Stereo L/R SLR in… that I can clearly monitor… No sound yet
I want one Stereo L/R Analogy\Aux That i can clearly monitor. No Sound yet.

Unfortunately I don’t understand Buses and such so all the settings on my Behringer X32 are probably wrong. I really need a kind user to help me map out all the setting on Behringer X32 and Cubase.

Sorry to be a pain guys…Thanks a million…

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