Help Please: Groove Agent 5 - Issue with marking folders as favourites


I am currently demoing Groove Agent 5 latest version on Windows 10. Using the standalone version in this case, but the problem does not seem to be dependent on standalone/plugin version.

I understand that we can favourite various folder locations in the Browser window. However, I don’t understand why Groove Agent 5 is scanning all the folders as I mark them as favourites. Also, since the folders are relatively big (tens of GBs) it is taking an infinite amount of time to scan and still does not complete. And if in between I close Groove Agent 5 app, the folders marked as favourites no longer show up under the drop-down menu.

The folders I am marking as favourites have multiple sub-folders in them. I hope this is allowed? Or do I need to go the last sub-folder and mark that as favourite?

Also, I noticed that whenever I mark a folder as favourite, the top right corner of the bottom half of browser shows that it is “updating results”. Whenever I navigate to a sub-folder it circles to update the results.

Does it mean I need to browse/open all folders for the scan to finish? If so, that’s a pain.

My expectation here is that I mark any folder location on my PC so that I can quickly jump to it. It’s that simple. But I am not sure what’s up with this scanning folders and updating results.

I read the manual pages 43 to 45, but it does not help.

Is this expected? Anything I need to be aware of here?

Any help is appreciated.


Update: I noticed that the problem is more so with adding folders containing loops (longer samples). Are loops or folders containing loops allowed? I think so since we can use loops in Groove Agent 5.