Help please: Hitpoints inconsistent on shaker track!

Hi all,
I could use some advice on an issue I encountered:
After recording a nice shaker track I noticed the automatic hitpoint detection (as well as a manual run) placed some hitpoints at the start of the waveform slopes (mainly the louder ones) and some in the middle of the hits (mainly the softer ones).
Is there any way to tell the function to treat all hits the same? The threshold setting doesn’t help, by the way.
In case anyone needs pics, I could grab a screenshot.

Thanks for your help,


Shakers have a soft attack, softer then a snare or kik drum anyway.
This can cause the hitpoint detection to be inconsistent.
You will have to set the threshold to get the best overall and
then go in and manually tweak the hitpoints that are not where you want them.

Even Kik and Snare on well recorded tracks can give a few misfires.
Best to check/edit them too.

In short, hitpoint detection is not perfect, but it has improved over the years.
There is still some room for improvement.

How do you manually add hitpoints?

Alt+Click to Create,
Shift+Click to Delete,
Grab and slide to move.

It is just like Rotund said: Shakers are hard to detect. Sometimes the attack fades in smoothly, sometimes
it is instantly there. A bit of manual correction is needed here, I’m afraid.


Thanks all!
Awesome, I’ll go edit then. On another shaker track all is well by the way, funnily enough…