Help please, I'm utterly confused ...

Hi everyone, sorry for a newbie topic, but I’m lost…
I’m a very long-time DAW user, and I’ve been using Sound Forge, Sound Booth, etc for my wave editing, but I’m not happy with both and wanted to try out Wavelab Elements. Lately I’m producing audiobooks and I’m looking for fairly basic effects, EQ’s, and in particular RestoreRig looks promising because my studio isn’t foolproof and some good NR is helpful.

I open a file in Wavelab, but I simply can’t see how I can access any effects or plugins, and there’s no sign of RestoreRig anywhere! In the Mastering slots there are about a half-dozen mastering plug-ins.In a Montage I can create slots under the Effects menu, but get about three of the same mastering plug-ins and that’s it …

The Ribbon gives me the basic editing tools, but where the heck are all the usual effects plug-ins and where’s RestoreRig?

I know I’m probably approaching this with a Sound Forge/Sound Booth mindset, and maybe need to switch my thinking, but…

I’ve found heaps of tutorials on the Master Rig, and one on RestoreRig that doesn’t actually tell you how to launch the damned thing. And combing through the operation manual hasn’t helped either.

Any clue on the “thing” I’m not getting would be greatly appreciated.

Windows 10/64 bit with a Focusrite USB interface.


Does Restore Rig appear in the Plugins Preferences Organize tab (File menu>Preferences>Plugins), and is the “Effect” checkbox selected for it?

Restore Rig and Master Rig and all the Steinberg plugins should be there with the “Effect” checkbox selected for each (which is required for them to appear in the plugin selection menus in the Master Section and Montage), so maybe there’s something wrong with your installation or preferences if you’re only seeing some of the Steinberg plugins in the Master Section and Montage effects slots, and you should try uninstall reinstall Wavelab too.

Thanks Bob, I did check all that - and just checked again (I thought the Organise tab might just apply to third party plugs). There are bugger-all plug-ins listed and they’re not in the “Ignored” list either.

Time for a reinstall methinks…


Here’s where the plugs are installed on mine:

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\WaveLab Elements 9.5\System\plugins\Wavelab Elements Plug-in Set.vst3

Apparently they’re all bundled in that plugin. Check to see if you have that. The file size is 99,158 kb. This is for Wavelab Elements 9.5.40