Help please! - MT Power Drum Kit VST not working on Cubase 8

I have just brought Cubase 8 with my new computer, which I have recently updated to Windows 10 (whether this is the problem I have no idea). I was using Cubase Elements 7 and using a free online drum software called MT Power Drums 2, as I don’t have the money to get good drum software alongside getting a new computer which was my main priority. My MT Power Drums was working fine on Cubase 7. I had rooted the VST Plugins etc. And it was working brilliantly and doing just what I needed. Then I got Cubase 8, really good software, though undeniably in need of a few bug updates. I searched around on the Internet as to how I could put my Power Drums onto Cubase 8, however the Plug in information was different to Cubase 7, I finally found out how to use it though with the Plug-in Manager and rooting the dll file to Cubase. This was what I had done with Cubase 7 and it worked perfectly. However, when I had done all of this and made sure I’d put the files in the right place, the plug in still isn’t being picked up and I can’t use my software. I could just use HALion, but the drum sounds aren’t as good as my Power Drum Kit. Any suggestions as to what I can do?

  • Jordan

MT Power Drums works OK for me in Cubase 8.0.20 Pro and Win 10.
Can you see it in the plugin manager list?

If not, I’d try uninstalling and re-installing MT Power Drums - from memory, it has an installer. You don’t just copy a dll to your VST directory.

Also, make sure you install it to a folder that Cubase is monitoring for plugins.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled it and also updated my Cubase 8 to version 8.0.20, my only problem now, is that I can’t find the plug in path for my VST samples. I have looked on the plug in manager and plug in information, and tried placing the extension file in multiple areas that I assumed would be where they would be, and I also tried creating a file path to them via plug in manager. But my plug in manage still isn’t recognizing it. I remember from Cubase 7 that MT Power Drums had an installer, but I can’t remember how to find the installer. My assumption is once the plug in manager recognises MT power drums, then it will load the installer so I can put the activation key in, but I can’t do that unless the plug in manager recognises that I have MT Power Drums

edit, Okay, so I’ve had some weird progress (if you can call it progress), what I tried doing, instead of moving the dll file and the content, is to actually try and open the dll file directly with Cubase 8. For some reason this worked, and just as I assumed, I loaded up the powerdrums, and entered the activation key. All went well. However, when I exit Cubase, and I try to load Cubase 8 normally, (without loading it directly from the dll file), now it doesn’t recognise it. This has confused me even more than beforehand. I’ve even linked the path to the plug in manager. But it doesn’t work when I load it up normally, but it does when I open the dll file with Cubase 8

I had the same problem. It was just incompatibility between 32bit and 64bit. Just in case that helps, download the “other” version.