HELP PLEASE parts move on their own

HI there

I have the strangest issue just start happening.
Every time I delete bar for eg the rest of the track will move up to take the place of the deleted bar, instead of staying where it should be. Its seems that I have inadvertently clicked something on this one song that is making this happen. It does not happen on other songs Im working on

any help would be appreciated
many thanks

Hi, selsong.

If you use backspace key to remove bars, I think it’s caused by shift key lock which is activated by pushing shift key 5 times continually. Because Shift + Backspace is a default key command “to remove the selection range and make the events to the right move to the left to fill the gap”.

If so, I hope that pushing shift key 5 times continually again will fix this…

HI there
unfortunately pressing shift five times in a row has not got rid of the issue. The weird thing is it is only this one song that it happens with. Other songs are fine and I cannot work out what i might have pressed to activate this occurence.
any other ideas? thanks

I should have read your post more carefully. Hmm, I have no idea. Sorry:(

Check the snap type, This would happen if you have it set to Shuffle.

|thanks for the tip. where do I find those settings?

I FOUND IT…thanks you so much :slight_smile:)