HELP PLEASE Time stretching audio

I have a question I wonder if anyone can answer.

I recorded a piece of music at 110 bpm and did all the acoustic guitars etc. I then decided that the track should really be faster at 124 bpm. I have also found out that there is a great easy way of making each track play at the new tempo…by using the “sizing applies time stretch” tool. Most of the audio tracks sound fine, but some of them sound as though they are “wobbling”…this is the closest way I can describe what I hear

Does anyone know why this happens or do you know of any articles that explain why this happens? Also is there a way to time stretch with perfect results every time?

This is not urgent as I can simply re do the guitar parts affected, but Im really interested to know why this happens

Many thanks

Cubase Elements only has basic time stretching algorithms. They’re very CPU efficient, but can have audible artifacts depending on the material.

You may have to pick a different algorithm preset for the audio tracks that don’t sound good. These are listed on the link above, and you can select them using the info line:

Users of Cubase Artist and Pro have access to the MPEX and the newer élastique algorithms, which are capable of far more impressive time stretching.

Many thanks for this :slight_smile:

Acoustic guitars also don’t respond very well to timestretching - I’d be more inclined to manually move the notes in the part editor and crossfade.