Help please!

First off, I have never used this forum before so forgive if I have posted this in the wrong place, I have never used any forum anywhere in fact. That said, I need to ask for a solution to what I imagine is a very simple problem, But one which has me completely stumped. I’ll keep it as simple as I can. Basically my piano roll time line doesn’t seem to by in sync with the rest of my project. I’m sure it is probably a button I have mistakenly pressed but I can’t seem to fix it an its meant I have been unable to use the piano roll to edit. Does that make any sense? I apologise in advance for what I imagine is an amateur mistake, I’m pretty new to cubase. Any help would be great! :slight_smile: cheers guys!

I am wondering if you have switched the Key Editor (i.e; “piano roll”)'s Time Ruler from Bars+Beats to Seconds (or other). At the far right of the Time Ruler is a little arrow. Click on it, to open the dropdown menu.
You could have changed it, either by clicking in that dropdown menu in the first place, or it would also happen if you had changed from Bars+Beats in the Transport Bar (but that would then be showing Seconds etc. in the timeline of the main Project window too).

Cheers man! That did the trick! I’m a complete idiot haha thanks so much though! it was driving me crazy! :slight_smile: