Help Please!

I have been trying to figure this out but it is hard for me to word it so that the answer can be searched for easily :question:

I have Reason rewired through Cubase and I have A graphic analyzer insert on the Rewire channel. When I go to select reason the graphic analyzer disappears. I never had this problem before…

I am using two screens and I have Cubase open on one and Reason open on the other. Is there any way to make it so I can be working with reason and still be able to look over and view the inserts on the the rewire channel.

Every time I click on anything that isn’t Cubase all I can see is the sequencer window and the transport.

I realize this may be a rookie question but I have been having trouble finding a setting to fix this or an answer at all. :blush:

All help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Hi there,

please deactivate the “Always on top” function for the VST Plug-In and you will be able to see it while you are
working in the other application.



Thank you so very much man!!!

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