HELP! Potential File Routing Issues Putting Me In A Crisis!

I upgraded my mac mini 2012 to a mac mini 2023. Ever since then, ALL audio tracks I record into my DAW(Cubase 11 artist) will not be saved the next day.

  1. The track remains in my DAW and the box that surrounds the audio take is there, but no sound wave.

  2. All vocal tracks will have this issue.

  3. A seemingly completely random few VST guitar track audio tracks will blank out as well, deleting the DI sound wave but still showing the empty box around where the sound wave was recorded. It has literally deleted a few different DI audios randomly interspersed amongst 2+ L and R guitar tracks.
    Visual example made on keyboard below. Pretend brackets are the outline and the “w” is the actual DI sound waves.
    Guitar L- [www] [. ] [wwww]
    Guitar R-[. ] [ww] [. ]
    How could it possibly delete only these separate guitar takes on separate tracks instead of all or none of them when theyre all routed to save in the same location? CRAZY RIGHT?!

  4. Creating a new project in a completely new folder (labeled 2024 projects) has not solved the issue.

  5. I CAN resolve missing files to load the audio back in but I CAN NOT load all of the missing files at once. It is an extreme pain to find them because almost all of my thousands of vocal takes are labeled/titled generally the same in all of my songs. So I would potentially have to click on hundreds of tracks all with the same name and click “open/locate” just for it to have a .01%chance of loading.

6.After resolving a missing file to get it back, it will NOT remain the net time I load the song.(Maybe it will the same day but not the next day which makes me wonder if iCloud is doing something?)

  1. It shows my audio is saving in this location:

I can not complete a single song and I have big opportunities being delayed because of this. I’m not very tech smart and all of this file stuff is overwhelming me.
Could iCloud have to do with this? When I got my new computer, could the transferring of all files from the old computer caused this new issue?
Can I hire an expert to control my PC remotely to fix how my files are saved to permanently fix this?

Normally, a project should have its own folder.
Cubase creates a subfolder structure, automatically.
The Audio subfolder holds all audio files for that project. If you stored all your audio files and projects in the same place, this could create a mess that can’t get resolved automatically.

Maybe. Hard to tell.

Everything is possible.