Help! Presets Lost

I made the mistake of saving a very specialized preset chain to a project’s own folder. I went to recall some more usual presets but alas, WL7 had “forgotten” the default path to the presets. Now I can’t find the directory!

I’ve tried searching on filenames of chains, but oddly nothing comes up. Searched for Steinberg and Wavelab 7 folders. No love. So…

is there a text string I can search to refind my folder of presets to get back to work? File suffix, folder name, default paths… any of these would be helpful?

Here’s the real crazy part: I saved a chain and noticed it has a .plug extension. So I searched all files with that suffix. It can’t find a single one (but I use 3 such chains on a daily basis, all in the missing directory!)

Now, besides getting a clue, I have a feature request: Please add a pref in WL8 for default chain/settings path that survives a save to an alternate place. This has been pretty nerve racking, and it’s rare I need to navigate out of wherever the default is, I can’t remember where things were once I move. Obviously this is a nice-to-have, not a big deal.

Master Section preset?

Master Section presets are stored there:
AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab 8\Presets\Master Section\

But if the Master Section is stored with an audio file, it is whether located beside the audio file (.vs file extension, which is a file including the preset, among others), or in the path for Companion files, as defined in Options > Folders

8? lol

AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab 7\Presets\Master Section\


Thanks guys,

Maybe it’s a mac thing, but I see no Steinberg folder anywhere on my machine, and “Wavelab 7” doesn’t help either. Apparently I’ve moved something. Still can’t find the old plug chains (not master, but track, btw - I don’t use master section much cuz it’s common to file editor, which isn’t useful to me - my path is clip>track, only use the master for outboard). I just rebuilt the most-common ones by hand and put it in a higher level. Still love to find them.


Then if this is a plugin chain from the Master Section, it could be anywhere on your Mac disk.
Don’t use the Find search function for file names, it is definitly not reliable.
You could use this freeware:

Found 'em. Great suggestion, PG! :wink:

Thanks to all.


Do not feel embarrassed. At the very least it gives users a sense of confidence that things are progressing. And perhaps even hope a user manual will accompany WL8. :mrgreen: