HELP: pressing Play/Stop produces audio pops & clicks

I have this irritating issue, where I hear very audible clicks and pops when playing back audio. I think it’s amplified when playing back bass tracks. This doesn’t happen on midi tracks.
Here’s a simple video demonstrating the issue:

I really appreciate all help!


What you are hearing there is a consequence of starting and stopping an audio file at random points. It is quite natural and it is due to the start/stop position being where the the waveform is displaced from the the zero crossing point. There is nothing you can do about it! In the future there are two things you might want to watch out for:
If you edit and/or cut an audio file you should ensure that it happens at a zero crossing point so that you do not introduce such clicking artifacts.
You should only worry about clicks and pops if they are there whilst playing an audio file - that would mean that your audio buffer is too small and needs to be increased. Hope that helps.