[Help] Problems with My Steinberg account login

Hi, a friend of mine is having problems logging into his My Steinberg account. He is a Cubase12 user from China. Recently his Authenticator data was cleared, so the authentication code was lost. Now he says that he has to login My Steinberg with the authentication code or enter the recovery code. However, he doesn’t know what the recovery code is, so he can’t login to My Steinberg, therefore he wants to ask how to resolve this situation.
Can I get any help? Thanks so much!


The recovery code is usually generated when creating the account in the authenticator. This is something very important to keep for cases like this.

The only way to get access again now is probably using the “Lost Password” dialog in the main login screen.

Hi JuergenP,
Thank you for your reply! But he says that when logging in, he clicks the lost password and resets the password, he is still required to enter the authentication code.

In that case I would get in touch with your local Steinberg distributor and explain the problem

Hi JuergenP,
Thank you for your help! I passed it on to him.