Help ! really weird mouse behavior, left click doesn´t work


Suddenly my mouse starts to behave strange but only in Cubase. Some left clicks in the inspector doesn´t work at all, and some single left clicks results in a double click. I can click mute track, but I can´t click solo ! A left click on "edit channel settings results in double click. I have tried Cubase 7 but the same. I tried trashing my prefs. but the same. I updated yesterday to 8.0.35 same result. I tried another mouse but the same. I tried photshop and other apps with no problems at all.

Any sugeestions ?

I get this issue every so often after adding information to the track “Notes”. It is a known issue as it relates to that. For me, only a computer restart fixes it… until it returns (who knows when). :confused:

Regards :sunglasses:

Sounds like the same issue i’m having here.