Help!! Recording Drums!

Sooo this is exactly what I’ve done so far. I’m using a Tascam US-1800 and Cubase LE 5. The US-1800 drivers are up to date and it’s been selected as the ASIO driver. I have six mics plugged into the XLR inputs (mic in 1-6). In VST connections, i’ve made 6 mono input busses (all corresponding to the correct mic input) and im using stereo LR output. I’ve made 6 audio tracks (all corresponding to the correct mono input). I hit record on all the tracks and go to my drums to test it. The program receives no sound from any of the mics. Everything is plugged in and on.

Help? :neutral_face:

Click here

Project Page

Inspector on the left side

These must say

  1. Mono in
  2. Mono 2
  3. Mono 3
  4. Mono 4
  5. Mono 5
  6. Mono 6 for each track

and remember to activate the record and Monitor buttons
on each track

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you! It looks like the monitor buttons is what I was missing. BUT now cubase is recording slowly (in real life 20 seconds go by but cubase has only recorded up to 7 seconds). Do you think this is a problem with my computer?

Well… what is your computer? specs/os etc.

What exactly is the problem? does cubase drop out of record? or what, better description please.

My computer is a toshiba satelite from 2 years ago. An AMD Turion X2 processor, 4 gigs of RAM, running windows vista 64 bit home premium. The blinking indicator light to say that the processor is working isn’t really blinking that much, so i dont think my computer is being overworked.

My exact problem is that, in real life, i recorded a 4 minute song. Cubase was set to record all 6 tracks the WHOLE time. While recording however, the seeker moves slowly and only reaches about 30 seconds. When I stop cubase, it says it only caught about 30 seconds of audio, and 3 minutes of silence.

have you looked here>

Oh… the blinking light is most probably the hard drive activity light.

Wow actually it did! My laptop looks like it runs windows 95, but im finally getting good performance. Lag free recording and what not. Thank you! I’ll do an actual sound test tomorrow to make sure this works :smiley:

While my computer is now faster in almost all aspects, Cubase continues to not work 100%. The lagging still happens from time to time, the connection from my Tascam to the software occasionally dies, and sometimes cubase senses all my mics are receiving really loud signals that then die immediately.

I think i’ll be calling Tascam and Steinberg tomorrow, cus something is very wrong here :neutral_face: