Help request with independent time sigs

I’ve read some posts about independent time signatures, but am still stuck on this, sorry. I’ve attached a project with 2 measures and am also attaching 2 screenshots. I want to have the bottom staff stay as is, and I want the top staff to display one 11/4 measure (i.e. the duration of the 2 measures in the bottom staff) with notes/beaming as in the screenshot file named “what-i-want-for-top-staff”. Assuming this is possible, could someone please explain to me how to do this? Thanks!
what-i-want-for-top-staff.png (434 KB)

It looks like you did everything right, except for creating the 5/4 time signature.

Delete the existing 5/4.

Then put the note entry cursor at the right place on the bottom staff, Press shift M, type 5/4 and press Alt-Enter to make the time signature on just one staff.

You have to position the note entry cursor rather than just selecting a note, because there isn’t a note on the bottom staff that starts at the right place. In Dorico a series of tied notes are just “one long note” and you can’t select just part of it in write mode.
Time sig.png

Thanks, Rob! That worked. I had thought that the alternate time sig on the top staff would stay in effect on that staff until a new time sig were entered on that staff itself, but now I see that any time sig entered (as a normal, non-alternate one) on any staff takes precedence and overrules it. Thanks!