Help Request Writing an Insert Macro

I’m trying to write a Macro that will let me place my “Go To” plugs into the channel inserts or fx sends. This was possible using the MC Control. But, considering it’s instability now, I would like to be able to do this by writing direct KCs.

My biggest problem right now is FINDING THE ENTER KEY. I’ve checked the Navigate, Tools, Project, Edit, Editors and Mixer folders. But, so far, no luck. Can anybody tell me where the enter button is located in the KC folder? Right now that seems to be the missing script necessary to complete my macro.

Also, I was wondering if anyone knew how to make the wheel surrounding a trackball scroll channels in the mixer in THE SAME DIRECTION in which you’re turning the wheel? I really don’t get this opposite direction paradigm SB has incorporated in it’s navigation protocol! :question:

Cant help with the enter key, but something happened to horizontal scrolling around C7/N6 for some users - Cubase started scrolling the wrong way with my Logitech mouse. I think S fixed it now, so maybe that’s related to your issue?

Well it’s NOT FIXED on N6.0.7. My Kingston trackball wheel is experiencing the same opposite direction problem that it took me 3 months to solve on my MC Control. I don’t write code, so I can’t say for sure, but I would think that being able to write left and right direction instructions ought to be pretty fundamental.

Nobody can help me with the ENTER KEY in the KC folder???

So, am I to understand that there IS NOT AN “ENTER” KC in the KC Folder?