Help: Resale/reactivation problems

Hi everyone,

I’d wish my first post on this forum would be more cheerful, but alas…
I’m experiencing some problems, and I hope you can help me out.
I’ve contacted Steinberg’s support team weeks ago, but sadly I never received a response.

All advice and pointers are welcome! Here’s the situation:

  • I bought Cubase Elements 6 second hand
  • I have the original dvd + “Essential product license information” card
  • I’m using a MacBook Pro, running OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)
  • I have the latest eLicenser application installed, Mac ver.
  1. I did a standard Install of Cubase Elements 6

  2. Installed latest eLicense Control Center

  3. Entered activation code in eLicenser. Error: “Activation code has been used already”.

  4. MySteinberg - The software eLicenser appears to be successfully registered to my Steinberg account.
    Here you can se a Cubase trail license I used.

  5. MySteinberg → Reactivation → Request new activation code
    Error: “The USB-eLicenser/Steinberg Key or Soft-eLicenser with number you have entered
    has been already registered by another customer.”
    Schermafbeelding 2012-09-09 om 16.22.31.png

  6. I tried to completely remove eLCC by following Instructions in the
    Steinberg Knowledge databae: “soft-eLicenser (SeL) FAQ”.
    Did not solve the problem. SeL unchanged, still can’t activate or reactivate the license.

  7. The seller and I also followed the Steinberg Resale Wizard, unfortunately without luck.
    The seller has been very cooperative.

Summary: I basically can not obtain a reactivation code since the soft-eLicenser is already registered by another customer (ME?). The seL however is registered in my MySteinberg account. I don’t get it…

I hope you can help me guys, any help is appreciated.


-The old activation code in your third image is which one? The one of our Elements 6 trial version, or the one of our second hand bought verion…?
-Has the seller really deleted his soft e-licenser in his “mySteinberg” account?

Hi thinkingcap, thanks for your response.

Yes, the activation code seen in the 3rd image is the code for the second hand bought version.
I took it straight from the “Essential product license information” card.

The seller says he has deleted the license from his Steinberg account. He has been very co-operative and has sent screenshots, showing he removed the license. Because I still cannot use the code, he contacted Steinberg support as well, but he has not received any response yet.

I can of course not check with 100% certainty that he actually deleted it. However there is no reason for me to believe he is dishonest… I do have his eLicense no. Is it possible to run some checks on that?


I think, this might really be one for the official support, sorry…
Or is it possible, the seller also had done a re- activation once, before selling the software to you?

Hmm, good call. I Really have no idea whether the previous owner ever had to go through a reactivation process…
But I’m not sure if that makes any difference.

Anyway, thank you! Hope I can get in contact with the support team.

For reactivation, you need the last used code. So if the owner reactivated his software already, he got a new code, and the one on the “essential product license information” is useless to you.

Ah, that is a clear answer!
I checked this with the seller. He has never performed a reactivation via MySteinberg, also no reinstalling or installing on a different computer…

I need to get in contact with support, I hope they can see what is going on.
Maybe some advise as to what’s the best way to contact them :smiley: ?
Are they active on the forum as well?

There is some Steinberg presence in the product forums, not in this one though. The regular way of contacting support is through entering a ticket in your mysteinberg account.

Just an update for any one who’s interested, or is experiencing similar issues:

I sent support an email September 16, with a link to this thread.
I got this response today:

According to our resale wizard, if the old owner of Cubase Elements 6 had the license in a Soft-eLicenser, then he should have transferred the license into a USB-eLicenser and then send you - the buyer - that USB-eLicenser with the license. A resale by reactivation is not allowed.

Nice to see support responded pretty swift.
I followed the guidelines using the resale wizard multiple times, but never got this advice.
I must be doing something wrong… anyway: it’s worth a try!

Regards and thanks for the advice.

I´d say, that´s plain bullshit. The Resale wizard says:

It should be clear though, that once the license is on a USB key, you can´t get it off that key anymore and can only use the software with the USB key.