[HELP] Routing options, Drumagog triggering BFD2

I’m using Drumagog 5 on my Snare track to trigger a sample within BFD2.
How can I route the OH, Room & Ambient Tracks as individual Stereo Tracks to Cubase?

(Since BFD2 isn’t instantiated through Cubase’s VST Instrument Rack, I’m unsure how to do this.
Not to mention that this is a Mono track, and I’m needing individual Stereo Outputs.)
The only work around that I can think of, is to first export my Snare track as a Stereo File,
reimport into Cubase. Insert Drumagog 5, then trigger BFD2 within it. From there
Solo each, OH, Room & Ambient track and export separately. Is this the only way?

Ultimately I’m wanting to maintain the Stereo Ambient Image that BFD2 provides.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I can’t seem to find the answer to this anywhere in the manuals.

I think you need to load BFD into one of the instrument slots in the Inst Rack and activate the multi output button from there.

Thanks Split,
not sure if that’s an option while triggering with Drumagog. Do you know of one?
For now, I’m workarounding it by bussing the mono track to a Stereo Buss and Inserting Drumagog there.
After that, it’s exporting everything separately and then reimporting back into Cubase.
It’s tedious, but does the trick.
Guess I’m waiting for Cubase6 to arrive with Hitpoints to Midi Notes.
I’d rather trigger this from Midi anyway. I’m not able to get consistent results using Drumagog with ghost notes, flams, etc.

Should be, I dont have BFD but drumagog should be able to kick out midi trigger that BFD should pickup by selecting the right input.

By the way C6’s hit points are great :slight_smile:


Since Drumagog is hosting BFD, and Drumagog is an audio insert plugin, and such plugins are limited to a single stereo-in or stereo-out. So there isn’t a way to have multi-outs. If you want to split it out, you have to bounce each output to a track at a time.